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Dear BCA Family Member,

Welcome to the new school year at Bridge Christian Academy. We are honored that you chose BCA as your cover school. Your HSLDA discount code is: 210139.

Many of you will have questions about curriculum. We do not sell curriculum but we do offer help in choosing if you ask. You are free to choose any curriculum you desire. 

Our school is proud to have a good relationship with public, private and colleges in the area and also around the country. Whether graduates choose college, military or other, we strive to encourage academic excellence. One of our strengths is great record keeping, which will be required regardless of the path your student chooses. Unlike many schools, we don't charge for transcripts, diploma, or letters. 

As a reminder, we are your liaison with the Board of Education and public school district. If you are a new family, it is a courtesy to let your last school know that you have transferred to BCA. If you have not already done so, please provide us with a copy of transcripts for your file. As soon as we process your enrollment the Board of Education will be notified. 

Grades/Attendance will be due twice a year on January 10th and June 10th.  If you homeschool year round it is fine to post your grades once a year. As soon as you enroll with us please set up an account at www.homeschoolreporting.com. You will receive a 30-day free trial. After the trial month, the fee is offered at a discount to us and is only $10 per family for 12 months. Our school discount code is bca6227. The parents who use this service testify that this reporting saves time. In addition, your grades will always be accessible. After signing up with Homeschool Reporting, emails will be sent to you about the school news, field trips and classes, etc. 

When reporting grades please use the semester system. You need 170 school days total per year.  We do not use the weighted system. Grades must be added at least once per year. Failure to report grades once a year can result in student dismissal. A high school graduation diploma will be awarded when requirements are met. We require 24 credits listed by the Alabama State Board of Education. These requirements are discussed in detail at the BCA Annual Meeting during the summer and also at the first planning meeting for the graduation ceremony. If you have questions about homeschooling through high school please call the office. We are here to help you. 

We have much to offer as a cover school. Please take time to read the website. Monthly field trips and classes are planned if we have volunteers. Please consider becoming a volunteer in some area. Many hands make light work. Without volunteers nothing happens. Sign up sheets for field trips, etc. will be at the annual meeting on the first Thursday in August at 6 PM. Our annual meeting is only for BCA families. We always have great door prizes! Our meeting location is: 

Trinity Presbyterian Church
545 S Mobile Street
Fairhope, Al 36532

If you need transcripts, dual enrollment letter, work permit letter, college letter, insurance letter, disability letter or a driver license letter, we ask that you give us a two-week notice. This request can be emailed to AlabamaBCA@gmail.com. Please do not text a request.

We are offering workshops at the annual meeting for parents. Once you sign up at "Homeschool Reporting" you will receive emails about the meeting. You will learn about Alabama Graduation Requirements, Curriculum, ACT Prep, College Admissions and Scholarships, etc. 

High school students are encouraged to attend the annual meeting. This year the 8th grade thru 12th will meet with a guest ACT teacher for a workshop. Parents will attend a different workshop.  

Our mailing address is:

PO Box 701 
Fairhope, AL, 36533

You can reach us Monday - Friday from 9am to 4pm. 
Our number is 251-979-6227


DuAnne Seeley